Pharamcie Chemika Mamode

HYBRID ART HIVES : free creation workshop

The Art Hive is back at the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke.

The activity is held on the 1st Sunday of each month from 1:00 to 3:00 pm via the Zoom platform with a mediator in order to allow a larger number of people to join the group. The art therapist Emmanuelle Meunier will also hold the free creation workshop at the Museum at the same time.

This creation workshop, free of charge and open to all. The Art Hive is a space of well being, encounters and inclusion. A great quantity and variety of creative material is available for participants. There is no teaching. Independent creativity, learning and know-how sharing experiences are encouraged. Anyone who feels the urge to create is welcome.


Emmanuelle Meunier

Graduate in the Art Therapy Master`s (Concordia University, 2015), Emmanuelle is the Museum ‘Art Hives’ facilitator since 2019. Since the very beginning of her career, she works with a wide array of populations; youth, adults, veterans, immigrants, refugees, first nation communities, etc. More recently, she decided to further develop her private practice with youth who get her help individually, whether it is through online or presential sessions. Emmanuelle`s humanistic approach brought her to study the community art studio method with Janis Timm-Bottos, also art therapist and director of the Art Hives Initiative and Network. It made sense for Emmanuelle to get involved in her community to create the first Sherbrooke ‘official art hive.  This very Art Hive is also the the second art hive in a museum in Quebec.



Dates Themes Guest musicians (virtual) Works from the MBAS Collection presented
Links Zoom / Virtual Art Hive
Dimanche 3 octobre 2021 La forêt apaisante Andy Bourgeois / Piano et électronique Christian Deberdt
Intérieur de forêt, 1990,
acrylique sur toile, 183 x 122 cm.
Dimanche 7 novembre 2021 Vibratile d’automne Benoit Converset / Contrebassiste Jacques Benoît
Vibratile d’automne, 1976, encre sur carton, 37,8 x 28 cm
Dimanche 5 décembre 2021 Dans la neige Martine Labbé / Violoniste Kittie Bruneau
Oiseaux dans la neige, 1979, encre sur papier, 67 x 79,9 cm.
Dimanche 9 janvier 2022 Ciel nouveau Andy Bourgeois / Piano et électronique Pierre-Léon Tétreault
Alors je vis un ciel nouveau, 1974, encre sur papier Mayfair – 51 x 66 cm.
Dimanche 6 février 2022 L’amour Benoit Converset / Contrebassiste Marcel Barbeau
Les petites pierres font l’amour, 1972 – gouache sur papier, 56 x 76 cm.
Dimanche 6 mars 2022 Que jeunesse se passe Martine Labbé / Violoniste Alfred Pellan
Jeunesse, 1975 – encre sur papier Rhodo – 66.6 x 51.4 cm.
Dimanche 3 avril 2022 Grisaille Andy Bourgeois / Piano et électronique Paul St-Arnaud
Il pleut comme jamais plus il ne pleuvra, 1991 – épreuve argentique sur papier – 38,3 x 28 cm.
Dimanche 1er mai 2022 La Belle vie Benoit Converset / Contrebassiste René Richard
La Belle Vie, 1980 – encre sur papier – 44.5 x 48 cm.
Dimanche 5 juin 2022 Des soleils plein la tête Martine Labbé / Violoniste Claude Blin
Des soleils plein la tête, 1973 – acrylique sur papier – 40 x 60 cm.
Dimanche 3 juillet 2022 À venir À venir À venir À venir