January 27 to April 10, 2022
Collaborative exhibition of the Musée ambulant and the MBAS
January 27 to April 10, 2022


Guest Curator
Jeanne Couture | Musée Ambulant

Mediation Designer
Sarah Bélanger-Martel | Musée Ambulant

Mediation team| Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke
Catherine Sanfaçon Dubé I Catherine Dumont-Lévesque I Maïthé Cyr-Morin I Clémence Barbeau I Ophélie Lemay I Élodie Martin I Nikolas Morel-Ferland

Museum Curator
Frédérique Renaud | Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke

Musée Ambulant’s collection
Catherine Arsenault I Elisabeth Belliveau I Ludovic Boney I Audrée Demers-Roberge
Annie Descôteaux and Sophia Borowska I Guillaume Desrosiers Lépine I Romain Lasser
Paryse Martin I The Plouffe Family

Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke’s collection
Pierre Ayotte I Jacques Barbeau I Serge Lemoyne I Mario Merola I Guido Molinari I Michel Pimparé I Louise Scott I Fernand Toupin I Armand Vaillancourt I Arthur Villeneuve

Guest artist
Chantal Lagacé



This child-eight exhibition embodies legend, storytelling aesthetics and hearsay. As they enter, visitors are greeted by Bruce, a bear perched on a chair, frozen in motion. The latter will guide young and old through a fantastic journey in which you are the hero.

Vistors are invited to create their own story and use their imagination to discover what the art communicates and how each piece relates to one another. Here, there is no right answer, only clues of a quest whose outcome changes with each visit, according to the gaze of the one who lingers there.


Let yourself be carried away on an adventure with Bruce and share your experience through words or drawings on the postcards available in the exhibition area. See you under the big top on January 27th!



Photo credit : François Lafrance