13 Points of the Falling Star (2019)
Artwork: Steve Heimbecker, 13 Points of the Falling Star, 2019


From October 1, 2020 to April 18, 2021. The opening of the summer exhibitions will be on Thursday evening, October 1.

Presented as a world premiere at the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke, this exhibition offers a unique immersive experience. By means of audiovisual installations, Steve Heimbecker creates a poetic journey between northern and southern Quebec: from the Pingualuit Crater in Nunavik to a forest near Saint-Étienne-de-Bolton.

The exhibition consists of two immersive installations:

In the first room,

The 13 Points of the Falling Star (2020)

Don’t forget to go to the second room behind the wall to discover the second work

Seasons of the Rock Wall Forest



Haven’t had a chance to walk through the exhibition yet?
Here is a virtual tour that plunges you right into the heart of the 16 Latitudes exhibition made from the images in the exhibition.
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Steve Heimbecker a pioneer of sound art in Canada. Born in Saskatchewan, his works are part of the collections of the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. His audio art compositions, installations and performances have received international recognition. He has obtained numerous prizes and grants for his work in media and sound art, notably two honorary mentions for the Prix Ars Electronica and funding from the Daniel Langlois Foundation.

Heimbecker exhibited a work at the Musée that received a highly positive interaction with the public during the 2019 Salon du printemps of artists of the Eastern Townships. The Musée is therefore very pleased to be able to continue this collaboration by presenting 16 Latitudes.

Artist’s website : steveheimbecker.net


Learn more about the artist’s approach in this video produced in partnership with La Fabrique culturelle.

Thumbnail of Steve Heimbecker's video
Director, camera and editing: Pierre-Luc Racine

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