November 2022 to June 2023
Exhibitions presented in the Espace Dialogue

The Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke has added two new exhibitions to its programming whose common thread is the portrait, one of the oldest genres in art history. The exhibition Regard sur la collection is a selection of work from the Musée’s collection, while the exhibition Pauses brings together photographs by Annick Sauvé and poems by Sonia Bolduc. All told, more than thirty artworks enter into dialogue in this space with a two-fold vocation, where the work of local artists is exhibited and sold, providing them with an additional showcase. Admission to this space is free of charge for visitors. It is an excellent introduction to the fine arts.

Pauses, a female duo of poems and portraits
Annick Sauvé is a director at Radio-Canada-Estrie and a photographer; she is off-beat and mercurial. Sonia Bolduc is a journalist and columnist at La Tribune, an early bird and unshakeable. Together, they offer us the exhibition Pauses. From La face cachée du drummer to Belle journée pour mourir (Album de famille élargie, 2019), this exhibition brings together digital snapshots in various formats by Sauvé and poetic texts by Bolduc typed onto the white flyleaf of used books. These works are inspired by happenstance in life and the imaginary. They invite visitors to discover these moments they have brought together and to complete the story told.

Regard sur la collection: spotlight on the portrait
Among the works in the collection included in this exhibition on the theme of the portrait can be found the erased figures of Jean-Paul Lemieux and Gisèle Leclerc and the stylised faces of Jesus Carlos Villalonga and Claude Lafleur. Modern self-portraits by the artists Serge Lemoyne and Robert Bédard enter into dialogue with the more classical sketches of Louis Muhlstock and Thérèse Lecomte. The carefully chosen works on exhibit illustrate the evolution of this pictorial genre throughout the ages.