Espace de vie en dialogue
October 2023 to February 2024


The Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke is adding to its fall programming the exhibition Espace de vie en dialogue, which brings together paintings by the artist Catherine Landry and design creations by the multidisciplinary artist Raphaël Zweidler. A living space in dialogue will take shape between the work of these two Sherbrooke artists, in what is not their first collaboration, and the new collection Quand tu mourras by the author Sonia Bolduc. This refreshing pairing is on view in the Espace Dialogue until February.

Admission to the Espace Dialogue is free of charge. This space, with its dual function, is the site of both the exhibition and the sale of work by local artists. It is thus an additional showcase for regional artists and a wonderful introduction to art and culture.

About the artist Catherine Landry
A Quebec painter who uses a variety of creative techniques and media, Catherine Landry has more than fifteen years experience as an artist. Her work has been the subject of several solo and group exhibitions from the outset of her career. Today most of her work can be found in private collections. Landry was born in 1982 in Sherbrooke, where she still lives and works today.

About the artist Raphaël Zweidler
The self-taught multidisciplinary artist Raphaël Zweidler was born in the Swiss countryside and has spent the past forty years in Quebec exploring a variety of creative paths. It all started when Zweidler was very young and helped his father make signs. Over time, he has worked in construction, architecture, design and visual art. He has also devoted himself to photography and music. This abundant baggage has provided him with the tools necessary to explore his artistic materials. In his creative hands, concrete, wood, metal and paint tell unusual stories and are transformed into original pieces of furniture and captivating artworks.

About the author Sonia Bolduc
A true “Estrian” through and through, loving the region’s rural life while indulging an occasional penchant for the city, Sonia Bolduc is currently head of communications at the Théâtre du Double signe in Sherbrooke. A journalist at La Tribune from the late 1990s until quite recently, she reported on sports, general news and the arts. She wrote a variety of columns and held a number of positions at the paper.