The 7th edition of the Contemporary Native Art Biennal (BACA)

May 16 to September 1, 2024
Curators : Lori Beavis, Emma Hassencahl-Perley, Jake Kimble, and Teresa Vander Meer-Chassé

Shelley Niro, What Comes from Above (Ce qui vient d’en haut), 1997,  Acrylique sur toile et tuyau de cuivre / Acrylic on canvas and copper pipe.

BACA is thrilled to announce the 7th edition of the Contemporary Native Art Biennial, a multi-venue exhibition that explores the deep-rooted theme of Creation Stories through the eyes of a talented collective of four curators. The exhibition will display works of approximately sixty artists, creating a unique and thought-provoking experience for art lovers.

The BACA 2024 curatorial team, consisting of Lori Beavis, Emma Hassencahl-Perley, Jake Kimble, and Teresa Vander Meer-Chassé, will lead the thematic exploration with each curator representing one of the four cardinal points. Lori Beavis will bring her expertise to present works representing the South and Centre, Emma Hassencahl-Perley will focus on the East, Jake Kimble on the West, and Teresa Vander Meer-Chassé will oversee the North.

The collaboration of these curators, each with diverse backgrounds and skills, is sure to create an outstanding exhibition. Their individual and collective efforts will provide visitors with a distinct perspective of the subject matter, creating a powerful visual narrative that explores the multidimensional aspects of Creation.

The exhibition will showcase the work of approximately sixty artists, including established and emerging talents in the visual, performance and multidisciplinary art forms. The works will provide critical insight into the interpretations and nuances of the theme, making it an immersive and captivating art event.BACA 2024 will open in March 2024 and will run until September 2024. The event will be held at eight locations in Quebec.