Couleurs manifestes
Couleurs manifestes
Couleurs manifestes
Couleurs manifestes
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Couleurs Manifestes

Permanent exhibition

The intensity of Couleurs Manifestes is visible in the power of colour to command our attention and to convey meaning and symbolism, seen through some fifty works from the collection of the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke.

 From Serge Lemoyne’s “partisan” blues, whites and reds to André Fournelle’s poignant carmine, Peter Krausz’ orange-hued warm skies and Armand Vaillancourt’s colourful personality, relations are created, unrestrained by chronology, between artworks of varying colours, techniques, materials and periods.

 Playing on the correspondence of meaning in the works from their production context to the context of their reception today, Couleurs Manifestes invites you to take part in a dynamic connection between you and the Musée.

Innovative, the exhibition can also be discovered with a customizable digital tour, ask for information on site! An exhibition to be discovered with the whole family with our youth trail which offers a fun reading level and is adapted to the youngest.

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