Enfants qui font une visite et un atelier de création au Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke



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Once again this year, the Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts is offering a range of activities for day camps in the greater Sherbrooke area and beyond. In a formula that combines observation and creation, the “Behind the Frame” program comes to meet children to present them with works from the educational collection accompanied by a creative workshop.

The 45-minute workshops have been designed for three age groups: 4-7 year olds, 8-12 year olds and 12-15 year olds. Each workshop can accommodate up to 30 participants and begins with the unveiling of a work from the educational collection. Then it’s time to create! Adapting to the available space, a mediator leads the creative activity inspired by the work presented. Beyond a simple DIY, the artistic techniques explored are worthy of the fine arts, ranging from sculpture to engraving. A total of 12 workshops are offered. The activity costs $65+tx (basic fee) + $3+tx per child with a minimum fee of $110+tx for a group.

ALL THE MATERIALS REQUIRED ARE PROVIDED and the children keep their little masterpiece to take home.

It’s time to reserve!
To make your reservation and/or obtain more details contact France Vinet at 819 821.2115 or at accueil@mbas.qc.ca.



* The proposed age groups can be adapted to your needs.



Creative workshop – The imaginary character
Inspired by the work of artist Félix Vincent

Atelier de création – Le personnage imaginaire

While observing The Pumpkins with Chair (oil on canvas, 40.5 x 30.5 cm), children are invited to imagine which character could be sitting on the chair that artist Félix Vincent has painted in this work. Could it be a cat, a monster or an astronaut? who knows? In the workshop The imaginary character, children will create a 3D work by sculpting their invented character in modeling clay. The materials used in this workshop include graphite pencils, modeling clay and modeling tools such as the sketchpad and the mirette.


Creative workshop – Cardboard painting
Inspired by the work of the artist Réginald Dupuis

Atelier de création - Peinture cartonnée

The work Festival (ink on paper, 23 x 18.4 cm) by artist Réginald Dupuis is characterized by its gesture and movement. The children are invited to create an abstract collage using their gestures. To do so, they will start by painting expressively with gouache and then reproduce their first work in the form of a collage using construction paper. They will thus create a diptych. The notions of printmaking and abstract art will be addressed. The materials used in the cardboard painting workshop include graphite pencils, spatulas, gouache and a variety of brushes. 


Creative Workshop – The Dream City
Inspired by the work of artist John Cisco

Atelier de création - La ville rêvée

Like the artist John Cisco who does not depict cars in cities as he dreams of ecological and sustainable cities, children are invited to create their imagined city while maintaining the architecture in the composition of a collaborative work this time. They will take turns adding elements to a sheet of paper where a basic architectural structure is printed. Thus, each child will own a part of the puzzle with a number written on the back. Like a grid, the final piece of work will be assembled at the end of the activity and will show a city that came out of their collective imagination. Marker pens will be used to complete the Dream City workshop.


Creative Workshop – The Giant Mural
Inspired by the work of artist Robert Gosselin

Children are invited to create a collaborative work of art with the theme of the sea. The support for this work is asphalt (day camp parking lot) and the medium to be used is a stick of sidewalk chalk. The group will create an ephemeral work that will be placed on the ground, inspired by the work Auberge des Îles (pencil on cardboard, 35 x 27.5 cm) by the artist Robert Gosselin. The notions of depth and superposition will be addressed. A wide range of sidewalk chalk sticks in multiple colors will be used.




Creative Workshop – The Impressive Expression
Inspired by the work of the artist Mei Toum

Atelier l'impressionnante impression

Looking at the work Prayer (print, 8/24, 64 x 63.8 cm) by artist Mei Toum, children are invited to create a work by learning the technique of monotype and collage. Graphite pencils, markers with broad and fine lines, linocut inks, and rubber rollers are among the materials used in this workshop. The technique of silk-screening will also be introduced by the mediator.

Creative Workshop – The feelings of Colors
Inspired by the work of the artist Ray

Like the artist Ray, children are invited to create a semi-figurative landscape in watercolor, focusing on the expression of their emotions. In addition, they will discover the use of the spare eraser. Materials include graphite pencils, brushes, watercolor paint sets, artist’s palettes and of course the irreplaceable spare eraser.

Creative workshop – Fil à fil
Inspired by the work of artist Anne-Marie Matte-Desrosiers

Children are invited to create a textile work by learning the “yarn painting” technique. They will draw an imaginary character and use wool yarn to apply it to their drawing to obtain colors. Like the work of Anne-Marie Matte Desrosiers (needle painting), the children will leave empty spaces on their paper. The history of textile art and embroidery will be discussed. Acrylic wools of various colors, graphite pencils and sheets of cardstock are among the materials used. No needle manipulation is necessary to complete the Thread to Thread workshop.

Creative workshop – Unmasked!
Inspired by the work of artist Michel Quintin

Inspired by the work Le bonnet bleu (acrylic on canvas, 46 x 36 cm) by artist Michel Quintin, children are invited to create a paper mache mask on a cardboard plate that they will have first sketched on a draft sheet. They will be able to paint their mask after a day of drying, at home. Theater mask, carnival mask, funeral mask, ritual mask, the history of the mask in all its facets will be explored. The materials required to complete the Unmasked! workshop include graphite pencils, papier-mâché, newspaper, punches and fabric ribbons.

Creative workshop – Drawing the Portrait
Inspired by the work of artist Denis Martel

Denis Martel’s work (Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 40.8 X 35.9 cm) features, in its composition, a portrait surrounded by a geometric shape. Following the example of this artist, the children will create either a portrait of their friend or a self-portrait with acrylic paint on a flexible sheet of canvas. The notions of portrait and self-portrait will be discussed by the mediator. Sponge brushes, gouache, spatulas, graphite pencils, artist’s palettes and mirrors will be used to create the Portrait workshop.


Creative workshop – Behind the Scene
Inspired by the work of artist Félix Vincent

Young people are invited to imagine what is on the other side of the work (Pumpkins with Chair, oil on canvas, 40.6 x 30.5cm) by artist Félix Vincent. What would we see if we were the painter? The students will create a bas-relief with clay representing the backstage of the work observed. Clay, wood panels (masonite), graphite pencils, modeling tools (sketchpad, mirette, etc.) will be used to create the Behind the Scenes workshop. The notion of atmospheric perspective will be discussed by the mediator during this workshop.

Creative workshop – Infinity in your hands
Inspired by the work of artist Réginald Dupuis

Inspired by the work (Festival, ink on paper, 43 x 35cm) of Réginald Dupuis, young people are invited to create a “flexagon” in three dimensions. They will create a 3D work that folds on itself infinitely. Abstraction is also the basis of this workshop. The concepts of abstract art and printmaking will be discussed. Flexagon” patterns, fine and broad tip markers, graphite pencils, scissors, transparent tape and popsicle sticks will be used to create the Infinity in the Hands workshop.

Creative workshop – The unsolved enigma
Inspired by the work of artist Michèle Théoret

Inspired by the work of artist Michèle Théoret (Untitled, oil on fibreboard, 29.2 x 39.3 cm), children are invited to create a silent comic strip that tells the romantic story behind the tree with the golden leaves. The narrative outline of the comic strip will include an initial situation, a triggering element and a final situation, that is, three vignettes forming a sequential order without text. The anatomy of the comic strip, the narrative scheme and the contrast of colors are among the notions that will be explored with the mediator. The material used for the workshop. The Unsolved Enigma consists of: coloring pencils, graphite pencils, black markers with thin lines, rulers and sheets of drawing paper.

It’s time to make a reservation!

For more information or to make your reservation contact France Vinet at 819 821-2115 or at accueil@mbas.qc.ca.

Photo credit : François Lafrance