Biennial of Eastern Township Artists 2024: The Ecology of the Landscape

ARTISTS: Guylaine Couture, Renée Durocher, Catherine Magnan, Marie-Soleil Provençal, Kylie Sandford, Chantal Séguin and Margrethe Ulvik

With the theme The Ecology of the Landscape, the 2024 edition of the Biennial of Eastern Township Artists, presented by the Musée des beaux arts de Sherbrooke, invites you to discover the work of the region’s artists and their varied artistic paths and practices.

Ecology is defined as the relations between animal and vegetable species and their habitat. On a large scale, these communities also interact across the territory on which they live: the ecology of the landscape explores these dynamics. Each parcel of the landscape is made up of an infinite number of organisms, which give it its complexity and its beauty.

The ecology of the landscape discipline thus incorporates into its ideas the repercussions of humans and their activities on the environment. At the heart of these concerns today, environmental issues call into question human domination over nature and try instead to incorporate humans into nature’s ecosystem. Our way of life affects the ecology of the landscape, endangering the fragile equilibrium of an otherwise quite resilient nature on which we fundamentally depend.

In this Anthropocene epoch, what role, then, can art and artists play in the ecology of the landscape? Can art be a vector for change and for raising awareness in the face of the global changes affecting our environment?

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