Works from the MBAS collection with guest artists: Alexandra Bachand and Thomas Corriveau
September 26, 2024 to January 5, 2025

Christian Deberdt, Forest Interior, 1990, acrylic on canvas, 183 x 122 cm – Gift of Mr. Claude Chevalier.

The enveloping atmosphere of the forest is transformed into our exhibition gallery. The artworks brought together here echo the long landscape tradition in Quebec art, but also artistic practices which explore nature in all its details. Stroll along the Lièvre River alongside Hélène Richard. Discover the geometry which lies hidden in nature with Christian Deberdt. Look through the binoculars of Frederick Simpson Coburn to see in the distance the cartography of René Derouin.

In the course of your ramble, you will be invited to take part identifying the plants you come across on the path. Create your herbarium and learn how to identify the botanical species living on our land. Take the time to slow down your walking speed to the same rhythm as nature in order to get out of your everyday routine. Along the way, discover the olfactory work of Alexandra Bachand. A multisensory exhibition that will please the whole family.