The Foundation

The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Sherbrooke Foundation

The mission of the Foundation is to provide financial support for the Musée, which in recent years has been undergoing significant expansion, with regard to both its activities and its reputation.

Through the generosity of its donors, the Foundation has established three funds: an endowment fund which will ensure the stability of the Musée for the benefit of future generations; a fund for acquisitions and research to permit the Musée to enrich its collection and to continue its study of the history of art in the Eastern Townships; and a fund for exhibitions and education to help in mounting high quality exhibitions and in providing educational programmes and other activities to the public at large.


Message from the Chair of the Board

When one accepts the chairmanship of a foundation, it is because one is firmly convinced of the importance of the cause. I can say with confidence that the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke as a cultural institution is essential to the well-being of the citizens of our city and of the whole region of the Eastern Townships. 

The Musée has now reached its maturity. It has achieved the respect of its peers, as well as of the artists, collectors, and the general public who come through its doors in ever-growing numbers. Its reputation extends well beyond the boundaries of our region. 

The Musée has reached an important turning point in its history.  Its location in the heart of a rapidly-growing city makes it a major cultural attraction for Sherbrooke, which, with its two universities, its university medical centre, and numerous industrial parks, attracts students, researchers and investors from far and wide.  The Musée adds to the quality of life for all these groups, as it does for the resident population in general. 

As one of the most productive cultural institutions of the region, the Musée deserves the support of the business community, foundations, and individual donors who can help to provide the resources needed to maintain its activities, and to allow it to grow and prosper.

Nicole Daoust, Chair of the Board

Board Member of the Fondation of the Musée