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Jean-Robert Drouillard. Mon coeur est un ovni en forme de Frisbee

From the beginning, Jean-Robert Drouillard has produced life-size statues sculpted from solid wood. Carrying the ills and anxieties of the century, his hybrid personages are frequently inspired by the imagery of popular art. With Mon coeur est un ovni en forme de Frisbee, the artist offers an inter-generational encounter, in which the rebuilding of a common language can take place. Placed on pedestals forming a trail to be followed, the adolescent characters participate in a presentation in which the theatrical challenges head-on the conjunction between fiction, history, the serious, the playful, and reality.

Jean-Robert Drouillard was born in 1970 in Chatham, Ontario. Following his studies in literature and creative writing, Drouillard moved towards sculpture. In 2000, he obtained a diploma from the École-atelier de sculpture de Québec (Maison des Métiers d’art). In 2002, with four other artists, he founded the Coop Le Bloc 5, an artistic production studio in Québec, where he continues to work. He has been a teacher at the Maison des Métiers d’art since 2004.