First on the ground floor, Véronique Béland will present unique digital installations in Les astronautes de la raison ont peuplé le ciel nocturne. Among them, This is Major Tom to Ground Control is an installation consisting of a random text generator that is controlled by the reception and analysis of radio waves from the cosmos, picked up by a radio telescope from Paris Observatory. In the installation, we first hear the sound of these waves, a kind of more or less agitated crackling resulting from their transposition into audible frequencies. The text generated by the dedicated computer program is then recited by a synthesized voice, then printed continuously on a matrix printer in order to create an infinite archive of messages received from the cosmos.

Then, on the second floor, the Marcel Barbeau exhibition. Vibrato presents some very important works from his optical pediatrics. This exhibition was produced and set up by the Musée d’art de Joliette. A great Canadian painter and sculptor, Marcel Barbeau began his career with the Automatists and was a signatory of the Refus global manifesto. Then he became interested in the Op art movement, an optical art that uses scientific theories to thwart your eye!