Secondary level


Whether as part of a course in the plastic arts, or in another pedagogic context or cultural excursion, you can experience with your students an introduction to the visual arts or to museology by visiting our exhibitions.

All of our guided visits designed for adolescents are based on exchange, and lead students to observe closely and to interpret original works in a familiar setting, while developing their ability to appreciate a work of art and to understand their own artistic preferences.

Cost: $4 per student for a guided, interactive visit.


Creative workshops are offered to primary school students with the goal of helping them to experiment and integrate what they have learned during their visit to the Musée.

If desired, these workshops can also be made available to students at the secondary level.

Cost: $25 per class, in addition to the cost of the visit.  All necessary material is provided, and the students can take their work home with them.

Information and reservations
Amélia Bourbonnais by phone at 819 821-2115 or by email at

Fee: $5 per student, or $7 for student group visits after 5:00 p.m.