Current Exhibitions


From Octobre 10, 2019 to February 2, 2020

Image from the video, FootMuséum, 2019,​ Josianne Bolduc

First on the ground floor, Josianne Bolduc presents FootMuséum. The resulting work exhibition features a sound installation, large-format photographs and an art video. Everything was taken and recorded as female soccer athletes were training in the main hall of the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke. This exhibition was born from a desire to transpose a sporting experience into an artistic experience.


From October 10, 2019 to February 9, 2020

Karen Tam
Sleeping Figure No. 1, 2016, papier mâché (Chinese newspaper, wallpaper glue), card, gesso, gouache, India ink, 16,5 x 46,35, x 12 cm. Photo : Karen Tam. 

Curator : Marcel Blouin

Then, on the second floor, Karen Tam’s exhibition We Are All Robbers presents presents installations proposed by the artist made of objects created during the 2008-2018 decade: cyanotypes, cut-outs, papier mâché vases, pagodas and gates at the entrance to the Chinatown in reduced format. Through this exhibition, Karen Tam insinuates, with a touch of humour, that art, economics and culture take shape through theft.

This exhibition was produced and circulated by EXPRESSION, Centre d’exposition de Saint-Hyacinthe.

Expression and CALQ
Musée de la civilisation
Musée de la civilisation, collection du Musée chinois des missions des Jésuites