Anna Wong. Traveller on Two Roads

Anna Wong, China Wall I, 1981, serigraph on paper, A/P, 56.0 x 76.9 cm, From the Malaspina Printshop Archives of the City of Burnaby Permanent Art Collection, Gift of Milton and Fei Wong, Photo: Blaine Campbell


Organized and circulated by the Burnaby Art Gallery.

Cocurators: Ellen van Eijsbergen et Jennifer Cane

From February 20 to May 17. The opening of the winter exhibitions will take place on Thursday evening, February 20.

The exhibition consists of art work by artist Anna Wong (1930-2013): etchings, aquatints, engravings and serigraphs. From Chinese-Canadian in Canada to Chinese-Canadian tourist in China, these works represent two roads and two journeys of the self.

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